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1 page = 250 words max
Click here to read more about file types supported.

Our word count tool scans supported file types and counts the number of words or pages. However, this may not always be accurate as the accuracy may be affected by the document type and language.

Therefore, please verify the accuracy of the word count before placing your order. Our project managers may also contact you to revise your quote if they find significant variations in word count.

Supported file types: docx, doc, xlsx, pptx, txt, xliff, csv, xml, html, pdf, json, bmp, pnm, png, jfif, jpeg, tiff & gif.

Max file upload size: 100mb


Click here to read more about our delivery timelines.

On average, most of our translations are delivered within 48 hours for up to 8 pages / 2,000 words. We add 1 extra day for every additional 8 pages / 2,000 words.

You can also pay more to have your order delivered up to 50% faster (from 24 hours) or 75% faster (from 12 hours). However, this option is limited over the weekends due to translator availability. Please note that we do not deliver on Sundays.

Our delivery estimates are for the digital version of your translation only. It excludes the delivery of Notarisation, Apostille, or the physical copy of your translation.

Our delivery timelines are estimates only and are not always guaranteed. We may experience delays due to translator availability and document complexity but will always keep you informed.

Enter a project name, PO number or description. Will appear on invoice.

Click here to read more about our different translation options.

Standard Translation: Our professional translators provide accurate, certified translations suitable for straightforward personal documents, including birth, marriage, police or academic certificates.

Professional Translation: A team of professional translators and proofreaders ensure certified translations are error-free and well-polished. Ideal for professional and official documents like contracts, business proposals, or government documentation.

Specialist Translation: Certified translations of specialized documents are handled by translators with field-specific expertise. This is best for complex materials such as medical records, legal documents, or technical manuals.

Our internal quality review rigorously checks each translation for completeness, accuracy of names, dates, formatting, and layout. We also ensure that the translation can be accepted when submitted in its intended country of use.


Click here to read more about our different translation options.

Standard Translation: Leverages Machine Translation and uses a Native Speaking translator to ensure translation accuracy. Suitable for translation of general content for internal use, support or e-commerce.

Professional Translation: Uses a Professional translator and a Proofreader for mission-critical translation projects, and includes any Desktop Publishing required. Recommended for translation of standard business and technical documents, websites and software.

Specialist Translation: Uses a specialist translator with subject matter expertise. Recommended for professional translation of marketing, legal or medical documents that require a specialist translator with domain expertise.


Certification Options

We cannot currently offer this certification type, for the languages you have selected.

In some cases, a sworn translator for your specific language may not be immediately available. To expedite the translation process, do you approve translating your document into English first if a sworn translator is not available?

We can also have your translation certified by a Canadian Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths if there are no CTTIC Certified Translators available to deliver your translation on time. This is equally acceptable by IRCC and Canadian Authorities. You can read more here.

Click here to read more about our certification options.

Standard Certified Translation: Your translation is completed on our letterhead, and accompanied by a Statement of Accuracy, our stamp, signature and contact details. This is the most popular option for all certified translations.

Certified Translator (NAATI): Your translation is completed, signed & stamped by a NAATI Certified Translator, which guarantees its acceptance within Australia and at Australian embassies.

Certified Translator (Canada): Your translation is completed, signed & stamped by a Certified Translator accredited by a CTTIC member society in Canada.

Statement of Truth: Your translation includes a statement from the translator confirming the translation accuracy, their qualifications and experience. This is required for UK Court Proceedings, particularly for Court Divorce.

Sworn Translator: This option is only available for specific countries. A sworn translator, registered within the intended country of use, completes your translation, and appends their signature, stamp & contact details. This makes the translation acceptable within that country.

Notarisation: A Notary Public appends their signature & stamp to our Company Certification. This may take up to 24 hours after order approval.

Apostille / Legalisation: The translation is legalised, making it acceptable in all countries that are members of the Hague Convention. This may take up to 5 working days after order approval.


Notarisation Options

{{ form.document_count | pluralize(trans('document')) }}
The number of documents cannot be higher than the number of pages. Please check your page count.

Click here to read more about notarised translations.

The cost of notarising or legalising a translation is based on the number of unique documents within your order.

For example, a birth certificate with 2 pages is 1 document, while a birth & marriage certificate on the same order are 2 separate documents.

Please specify the number of unique documents you have uploaded, so we can provide an accurate quote.


Apostille Options

{{ form.document_count | pluralize(trans('document')) }}

You have selected to legalise a translation that is already sworn and legally valid in the intended country of use. Please choose to legalise the original document instead, or select a different option.
{{trans('country_not_member', {'country': selectedApostilleCountryOfUse.locale_name[locale]})}}
The Apostille Country of Issue should match the country where the document was issued. Please select the correct country for the Apostille Country of Issue.
We are unable to offer an Apostille Service if the Country of issue is not listed. Please contact us for a custom quote.
The Apostille on the Translated Document will be obtained from the United Kingdom when you choose the "Standard Certified Translation" certification option. If you require an Apostille on the original document, please select the Original Document option.
The Country of Issue and Country of Use cannot be the same. Please select a different country for the Country of Use.

We can help you obtain an apostille on the original or translated document for use in another country. The options available are dependent on the certification type, country of issue and intended country of use. Click here to read more about our apostille options.

Countries Supported:

Get help obtaining an Apostille on your Personal or Business documents issued in selected countries.

We can also provide Apostilles on documents issued in other countries. But will need to provide a custom quote after reviewing the documents uploaded.

Document Options:

Original document: The apostille is issued on the original document before it is translated. The document may need to be shipped to us, then notarised, before it is legalised. Documents shipped to us will be returned back to you by Secure Post.

Translated document: The apostille is issued on the translated document. The translation will need to be a Standard Certified Translation, on our letterhead, with the Apostille obtained from the UK Foreign Office. Contact us first, if you require an Apostille on a Sworn Translation.

Apostille Service Options:

Apostille Only: If your document has been signed by a recognised government office, or by a solicitor or notary, then you can choose the Apostille Only service.

Document Examples:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Police Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Divorce Documents
  • Court Documents
  • Solicitor or Notary Signed Documents

Apostille & Notary Certification: Documents without a public signature or recognised stamp will require the Solicitor or Notary certification before an Apostille can be obtained.

Document Examples:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Academic Certificates
  • Professional Certificates
  • Company Incorporation Documents
  • Company Good Standing Certificates
  • Company Articles of Association

Delivery Timelines:

Delivery timelines differ based on the country issuing the Apostille, and is usually within 3 - 5 days for the United Kingdom, and up to 3 weeks for other countries. We will advise on the expected delivery timelines once we receive your order.


Click here to read more about our shipping options.

By default, we send you a PDF of your translation. This is electronically signed and stamped, and acceptable as-is. You will require postage for Sworn, Notarised or Apostille translations as we need to post the original documents to you. Postage is recommended, but not required, for Company Certified translations.

Standard Postage: We use standard / regular postage to have the document sent to you. This may take between 1 - 5 working days and does not include tracking.

Priority Mail: We use priority / special delivery options to have the document sent to you. This may take 1 - 3 working days and can be tracked.

Worldwide (DHL): Recommended if documents are to be sent outside the UK, EU, US or Canada. DHL or its equivalent is used to send the document. Tracking details will be shared.

We do not currently offer Standard or Priority shipping within Australia.



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The settlement currency (on the right) determines how the customer is charged. This allows customers to pay in their local currency even if we charge them in a different order currency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of files are acceptable?

You may send us a Microsoft Word (doc or docx), PDF (scanned or editable) or Picture (JPG or PNG) file. All text, signature and stamps within the document should be clearly visible. You may upload one or more files when you order.

How are translations certified?

For certified translations into English, we produce the translation on company letterhead, with a certification cover page, attesting that it is a true and accurate translation of the original. This includes our stamp, signature and contact details.

Will your certified translation be accepted?

Within the UK, and as members of the Association of Translation Companies, our certified translations are accepted by the Home Office, Passport Office, UK Visas, USCIS and Universities. We also provide Sworn, Notarised and Legalised translations that meet the requirements of embassies and foreign authorities.

When will I receive my translation?

The standard turnaround time for certified translations is 48 hours. If you require it sooner, select the Urgent or Same Day option when ordering, and we will aim deliver within 12 - 24 hours or sooner. Requests for postage, notarisation or legalisation may take longer.

Do you certify translations for passport and visa applications?

Yes we do. The majority of certified translations we produce are for clients applying for a visa, naturalisation, passports or for academic reasons. Therefore we take extra precaution to make sure they will be accepted.

How will my certified translations be delivered?

The default delivery method is as a PDF file sent to you by email. This can be printed off and used in your application. You may also order the physical copy, which is printed and posted within 24 - 48 hours.

Where are your translators based?

We recruit and work with translators globally. For translations from English, we may work with translators based in those countries, or in others. All translators sign our NDA and agree to our terms to treat your information securely and fairly.

I have been asked to obtain a sworn translation

Sworn translations are required for official translations into French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech Republic and some other countries. For these languages, we only use authorised & sworn translators in those countries. Additional fees apply.

I have been asked to obtain a notarised translation

We can provide Notarised translations that meet the requirements of Foreign Embassies or Authorities. Our translations are notarised by a Notary Public, then posted to you. Notaries charge per document, so we will inform you of any additional fees if you upload more than one document.

I have been asked to obtain a Legalised translation

Legalised translations demonstrate to the Foreign Embassy or Authority that the translation has been certified by a Notary Public, who is in turn known to the UK Foreign Office. We can provide same day or standard legalisation services to accompany your translation request.